Commands & Divisions

The Fulton County Sheriff’s V.I.P.E.R. Operations has six (6) management commands under which the divisions operate:  Field Operations; Special Operations; Office of Professional Standards (OPS); Courts/Jail/Grady Operations; Administrative Operations; and the Retiree Operations.  These commands are managed by Captains.

The operations divisions are led by lieutenants, with sergeants supervising their respective units, sections, and platoons.

Each division was created and designed to meet specific needs for our volunteers and the community.  These divisions allow us to focus specific deputies on specific task. By doing this, we always stand ready with experienced personnel in each area.  Members who join us will be assigned to the operational area where they will be of greatest asset to the organization.   Please take a moment to review the information about our organization below.

Click here to see our organization chart.